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Benjamin Franklin, famed scientist and one of The Founding Fathers, said it best when he said “There was never a good war or a bad peace.” The two World Wars that have gone through have both been fought for various reasons that were necessary, one way or another, but the destruction and casualties that followed may serve to negate that idea. You don’t need a professional institute to spell out the destruction that is caused by the World Wars but if you want a primer, then there are facts that are very hard to dismiss.

World War I. The First World War happened from 1914 to 1918 and was fought between the Allied Forces of France, Russia, and the United Kingdom against the Triple Alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy. You don’t have to keep reading to know that this war was a major scourge to human life affecting more than 37 million people. The total number of deaths was estimated to be 16 million with another 20 million wounded.

The destruction of World War I was among the most widespread of the major wars as it was fought on many fronts. World War I saw too many countries who chose to dismiss the lig tv izle mentality and were instead caught in the crossfire. Wars were fought as far south as Africa with French and British forces waged war over Togoland in what is now modern Togo and Ghana. Destruction was also widespread in many locations including Serbia and even in the Asia Pacific as far as New Zealand. The financial and political destruction that the war left in its wake was also mind-numbing as a total of more than 5,000 ships and 199 submarines were sunk during the war.

World War II.If World War I sounded like it was the most horrific war to have ever happened based on destruction and casualty alone, the toll from World War II was even more sweeping. It was equivalent to many bulging discs acting up at once, killing as many as 60 million people and affecting about 50 million others. All in all, more than 2.5% of the world’s population at that time died from the war.

The financial implications of the war was also widespread. Germany, Poland, and many sections of France and the United Kingdom were leveled to the ground. Russia was not spared, and while Stalin did not embrace a “take it and leave it” attitude, he suffered more before his country responded.

In total, 33,700 planes were lost over Europe during the period as well as 3,500 Allied merchant ships and 783 U-boats sunk. More than 57,000 tanks from Russia alone were also lost in the war. Those numbers did not yet include the cost from Japan waging war in the Pacific but you could tell one needs more than a truck accident lawyer to get that kind of devastation and destruction in order.

But perhaps the biggest awakening to the senselessness of World War II were the two nuclear bombs, Fat Man and Little Boy, detonated over the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Those bombs brought the war to a halt and the idea of nuclear deterrence was set into motion.

Indeed, the world does not gain anything out of war and the casualty and destruction that the First and Second World Wars created were grim reminders of what can happen when man goes overboard. There is plenty of cause to hope that no World War has to ever happen again because as Ben Franklin once said it, “There is never a good war or a bad peace.”

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We have all heard about the United Nations, but does anyone really know what there duties are. They just seem to be there and we hear about them from time to time, they seem to be behind the scenes, but they have some real pull, they make some major decisions that affect everyone around the world.

The United Nations is a supreme group that facilitate international law, in other words this group facilitates the entire world. There are currently one hundred and ninety three states that are members of the group.

International Law

The United Nations is responsible for facilitating international law. When countries work together and one of them pulls out breaking the clause of an agreement, the United Nations is there to act as facilitator and mediator.

They are responsible in ensuring that all the countries work together under one law. You can learn more online.


The United Nations is also responsible for the security aspect of the world. They work to ensure that security measures are in place to keep everyone around the world safe. This means they are there to facilitate when wars break out between countries and they will try and resolve the issue, keeping the people secure. Additional info can be found online.


This group of top individuals are also responsible for ensuring social and economic development in all countries. They work closely with countries to assist them in improving their economy and ensuring better living and working conditions for the residents. This is not a new service, the United Nations have been working on economic development for many years.

Human Rights

Your human rights can be protected by this group. They aim to facilitate human rights when everyone has turned their backs. So often you will find that even with their donated working capital, they will stand up and make a claim for human rights.

While not everyone may agree with them, they have the pull to make decisions on where people should live to keep them safe if they are not going to be awarded a fair trial in their own country.

World Peace

Everything about the United Nations is working towards World Peace. While this is not always possible, countries can take advantage of their services to ensure the smooth running of their country and smooth negotiations with other countries.

From laying down the law to ensuring a countries security and from economic development to human rights, the United Nations have a lot of duties on their hands as they work to world peace.

They basically manage the world. This is the easiest way to explain it. They govern the law, they help suffering countries and they lay down the law when it comes to human rights. They are the governing body of the world. With their court system for international law and their security teams, they are able to ensure the everything around the world runs as smoothly as possible, making it a better place to live.

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The European Treaty was put in place with a host of major objectives. Each objective is designed to improve quality of life throughoutEurope. There is also a section on foreign policy and what theUnionhopes to achieve throughout the world.

The European Union uses it’s objectives to help guide the union and put necessary practices into place. You can continue reading to find out more.

The main objectives of the European Union is to promote peace, along with ensuring it’s people’s well-being and maintaining the values of theUnion.

Major Objectives Included in Union

The Unionworks hard to follow it’s objectives including freedom and security with justice for all residents. They work to ensure a free and undistorted competition and a sustainable development through price stability and economic growth. Finding information about the Unionis easy on line, do a search the same as you would for Scottish Trust Deed or st. louis real estate.

Other major objectives of the union include ensuring full employment, improving environmental quality and technological advancement. They work to fight discrimination, promote social justice and child protection rights.

You can think of the European Union as a muscle maximizer as they safeguard cultural heritage throughout the European areas while working hard to achieve their objectives.

Foreign Objectives

When putting the European Treaty in place the objectives were not solely dedicated toEurope, they worked hard on a foreign policy as well, which is worked at on a daily basis.

Their foreign policy ensures fair trade. They want to eradicate poverty throughout the world while protecting human rights. They want to develop an international law, a sustainable environment and a sustainable development between countries while promoting peace.

This policy has not just been written down on a piece of paper and have lab rats following the rules. These are thought out to not only promote the well-being of people residing withinEurope, but enable these people to work with other countries whether it’s through trade or working to improve the quality of life in suffering areas.

If you go on line and search for torn hill or Quibids, chances are you won’t find anything about the European Unions objectives there, but they do play a part, through these sites they offer free trade and fair trade throughout the world.

Moving Forward

Many countries are happy working with the European Union as they work towards their objectives, using them as guidelines in the daily development of the area.Europehas close ties toAmericaand other countries where they import and export goods, work together to develop suffering areas and form a sustainable environment ensuring our children have a safe place to grow up in the future.

Through these European Union objectives, prime ministers and presidents are able to work together to develop the ideals that the Union is working towards. Through technological advancements the country will be able to enjoy a stable infrastructure where they can promote their stable prices and enjoy economic growth.

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There has been a lot of controversy in the news lately about Greeks financial burden and how it is affecting the European Union.

As it currently stands Greece is 350 billion Euros in debt that equates to $459 billion, it is obvious at this point they will not be able to pay the money back and they need more.

Running a country isn’t as easy as a click of a mouse to compare logbook loans or buying drivers insurance, they need the support of the union and right now the union is trying to get further loans approved in Athens.

Resistance is growing throughout the European Union with Germany fighting to get the loans approved, but there seems little progress and the arguments are just going around in circles.

Many of the politicians have an executive mba or online mba, they know what trouble they are in, but the country is so deep in debt that it continues to falter. There were signs that Greeks financial status was improving and everyone was relieved to see it moving up, but once again they are in demand of more money.

It seems the banks are now unwilling to meet the demands, which is understandable as they have increased the loans two or three times already and the European politicians have their own countries to worry about and are still arguing on whether to help or not, so the circle just keeps going around without any solid decisions being made.

Greek will need the loans in order to run and at the moment they are so deep in debt that looking for Flats to rent in Cape Town is definitely not an option for them right now. Even if they were to arrange coach hire to transport people around the country, they wouldn’t be able to pay; this is how severe the situation is.

As a private individual if you are struggling with finances you can apply for a loan online, the same way you would do a search for melaleuca, but when you run a country which is now in billions of Euros in debt, you have no choice but to approach the European Union, putting a large strain on them.

The European Union appears to be unable to make a decision or get a loan granted for Greece as they continue their negotiations in Athens, time that could be spent on more important factors relating to their own countries and their own financial problems.

The recession has caused a lot of people and their countries to suffer with huge loans being handed out by the World Bank, the UK is also in considerable debt and is working hard to rectify the situation, but Greece seems to be stuck in a vicious rut which is causing disputes among the European Union.

When you are looking for dreamweaver templates or family nurse practitioner programs, you go online and find them it’s easy and simple. You can even find the diet solution program with a click of the mouse, such a pity that fixing a country’s financial situation wasn’t as easy as this.